Help My

Help My

Congratulations Night intel developer 
I name my home khaisarjava Indonesia 
I am interested in the article about Sandroid Emulator on Intel 
1. If my notebook can run android applications if 

OS : windows 8.1 Enterprise 
Processor : Intel(R) Atom (TM) CPU N550 @ 1.50GHz 1.50 GHz 
RAM : 2GB 
Type OS : 32 

2. What files should I download 
3. How way correct installation 

for coming down I say many thanks...

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The way correct is unistalling w8 and installing ubuntu! 

Is there no other solution for example use the emulator...


you can use the Android Emulator which is part of the Android SDK. There is a good article on IDZ that explains how to install it: However the article focus on the accelerated Android emulator (Intel HAXM or KVM). For your laptop the accelerated emulator will not work, because your CPU does not support virtualization. Without virtualization you can still use the emulator but it will be much slower. 

Hope this helps!

@Khaisar Java; I doubt you will be happy with this machine as development machine, as the Android Emulator will used quite a bit of the CPU, as Alexander already mentioned.

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