OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC question

OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC question

Fellow Intel Android developers:

I'm developing a H.264 video encoder application on a Lenovo K900 phone (Atom Z2580, Android 4.2.1), using the Android MediaCodec interface. The encoder works fine. The generated h264 elementary byte stream plays well in the VLC player, and the logcat file shows that OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC is used to do the real job.

However, my decoder has a peculiar requirement that there be only one slice per frame. The generated h264 stream has two, possibly so as to facilitate parallel processing. In the MediaCodec API, I cannot find a way to configure the encoder so that each frame has only one slice. 

So here is my question: Is there an easy way for the app developer to configure OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC, so that each frame consists of only one slice?

Thanks in advance

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Hi robby-xin-sun,
Apologize for the delay with response. There is no such option in MediaCodec interface to configure number of slices, so it migth be difficult to implement. Let me check what could be done here with Video team responsible for phone deliveries.

Meanwhile, would you please share extra details regarding you app. Are there other gaps on Android SDK level which prevent you to create your app? What is the app specific which force you to use single slice scenario?


Hi Ilya,

Thanks for the response. The one-slice-per-frame requirement is there to facilitate the performance measurement on the decoder side. Looks like I need to come up with another measurement methodology.

Thanks again. You can consider this case closed.


Got it. I would appreciate if you can provide some comments on my questions regarding Android SDK media related gaps (if any).

Thank you in advance,

Sorry I don't really understand the question. Android SDK media related gaps between ??


for example your case - there is no way to configure number of slices per frame. anything else what you found as missing API/config option?

Oh there are many. For example, if I am not careful, I could end up using the wrong video codec. The Android MediaCodec certainly leaves a lot to be desired, but that's Google's fault... ;-)


Hi, can that my qestion is not refer to you problem, but if is refer to device, how much can cost yor lenovo? thank you!

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