Unable to install HAXM

Unable to install HAXM

On my Laptop (Lenovo X1 Carbon), though I have enabled Virtualization in the BIOS, I am unable to install HAXM. I get the error message - This Computer does not support Virtualization Technology (VT-x). Any help/suggestion appreciated.

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Can you please tell what operating system are you running?

Also try this if you are running windows from vista up: run a terminal as adminmitrator.

In that terminal type bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOn and reboot the system

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I am trying to install on Windows 8.1

I figured out what the issue was. If Hyper-V Platform is installed on the machine, it blocks other apps from using the VT-x feature of the processor. Once I uninstalled Hyper-V, I was able to install HAXM.


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Hi, can you to install a virtual machine for install and run your software, is the easiest solution.

@JudLup: That's what he's doing - but with Hyper-V blocking VT-x the VM won't run...

mmm friend, in your setup Bios, i believe that exist a option to enable and disable this characters on you pc, if you want you can see if this is enable or disable, other option is update your Bios Software.

No - Hyper-V settings are definitely NOT in a PCs BIOS. Each Hyper-V VM has it's own vm-BIOS (which has nothing to do with your hardware's native BIOS).

mmmm friend then I not might help you, i don't know more about this. I wait that you will find help with this theme.

@JudLup Luna, @Andy - Thanks for the suggestions.

As I mentioned, the only option is to disable the Hyper-V which I have already done (Snapshot attached with my post). Just posted the message on this forum so that it might help other looking on this forum.

@Ghanashyam S - Thanks for your post. I had the exact same issue. As you advised, disabling Hyper-V worked for me on Win 8.1 Pro, on my ASUS G750JH ROG laptop

On a side note - I tried stopping and disabling (from services.msc) the only "running" Hyper-V service first, but this did not help. Hyper-V seems to want exclusive control. I had to do exactly as you advised to get it working, and disable Hyper-V using the "Turn Windows Features On or Off" option from within Control Panel.

You are correct - Client Hyper-V has to be disabled in order for HAXM to work. Hyper-V wants exclusive access to the VT-x capability of the hardware, and I haven't seen a configuration that allows them both to work at the same time.

@Ghanashyam S your welcome, and i'm sorry for i don't help you.

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