Android OS on X86 - "Andy OS"

Android OS on X86 - "Andy OS"

We are developing an Android OS that runs on Windows and Mac.
to control the Android OS (Andy) we have also created a Controller app (iOS and Android) that sends all the sensors data from the device to the laptop.
(Gyro, Touch, Accelerometer, GPS ...)  and also performed streaming from the host machine to the device.
this have opened up a large catalog of apps that can be enjoyed on a user's PC (win/Mac).

to enable the usage of large number of applications we integrated the libhoudini library to allow ARM compiled applications to execute on x86. (we are sure that in the future more developers would use Intel NDK and this will be less of a problem) 
unfortunately we are experiencing many App crashes from the log files we see that most of it relate to crashes in the houdini library.

we are looking for support and some joint efforts to first maybe get the houdini library licensed, or work together to find what is it that causes the crashes.

we are based in San Francisco, and are willing to travel wherever needed to get this resolved.


Eyal & the Andy OS team.


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What an interesting idea. 

Our site, Intel Developer Zone, and this forum, is pretty focused on developers who are making applications for Android, but there are other groups at Intel that work at the platform level. It sounds like they might be the ones you want to connect with.

The best place to start would be the Android platform page over on the site run by our Open Source group,

Try posting over there, and if you don't get any response, let me know, and I'll see if I can connect you with someone who can help.

Hi Josh,

Thank you for the fast reply.
I registered to and the mailing list.
but it seems that the initiative is open source and the libhoudini is Intel proprietary code
(see msg )

it would be great if you can get us in touch with the right team in Intel (i guess the team that handles manufacturers to embed Android on an Intel hardware, even though are are not a hardware developer we are building Andy OS to run on any Intel hardware).


Eyal & the Andy OS Team.


Hi Josh,

We are still looking for that contact that can help :)

Is there anyway to buy a license to use libhoudini?

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