How to get an Intel based device to test applications on?

How to get an Intel based device to test applications on?


I would like to get my hands on an Intel-based device to test my applications on. Have a Dell Venue 7, but cannot get it to work (no USB drivers). I see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" could potentially work, but this is a slow CLT+ based device and rather expensive (~$400) considering BYT devices should hit the market at some point in the near future (but apparently not near-enough...). 

Is there any chance that Intel sends out/sells BYT FFRDs? I would be more than happy to buy one directly from Intel (assuming that you can supply a USB driver). Although I do wish there were more devices available for purchase suitable for this purpose...can't imagine this is good for X86 adoption on Android.



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What's the issue you have with the USB driver and the Dell Venue 7? I have used one of those for development on my Mac, and it worked OK with ADB. Can you let us know a little more about the trouble you're having? What is your host OS, what's your development environment, and what happens when you try to connect it to the Venue 7 over USB?

I don't know of any devices that Intel gives out as software development platforms for Android, but if you've already got one in your hands (the Dell), we should be able to get it working, and save you the trouble of having to acquire another device.

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