Intel GPA - how does System Analyzer get it data?

Intel GPA - how does System Analyzer get it data?

I am wondering if anyone can point me to the documents or to the literature that describes how the Intel GPA gets it's data from the Android target and program being analyzed. I am using Intel GPA 2013 RC 4, from December of 2014.

Is it all instrumented into the Intel Graphics driver for Android? And if so who measures the duration of GPU cycles or the data being provied to each GPU work load cycle? Why cannot we find out how much data is in each bundle, for example?

Any help greatly appreciated....

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You might try reposting this question in the dedicated Intel GPA forum here on Intel Developer Zone.

It's very active, and since GPA for Android is part of that product, you'll probably get a better answer there. 

Let me know if you can't get a response, and I'll see if I can find some answers for you. But the GPA forum is your best bet. 

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