No Android 4.4 Rollout for Medfield Devices from any Vendor, why?

No Android 4.4 Rollout for Medfield Devices from any Vendor, why?

Hello, No Smartphone Manufacture rolls out a Android 4.4 Update for his Devices based on Medfield Architecture.

Then what is the Sense in programming and testing coded Apps on a 4.4 Image thats running on a PC, if no Smartphone Devices are out there where the Apps can finally run on.

Especially Like the Motorola Razr i XT 890, a highly accepted and loved Device in most European Markets like Germany.

Or the Lenovo K900, a very Nice Device wich i would buy too, thats Saled in Certain Asian Countrys.

There are a lot of Customers who would buy Smartphones with Intel Architecture, and Intel will get some Parts frome the Smartphone Cake.

On Intel Sites you still can find a lot of old Descriptions of this Devices today and you can still buy those Devices in Stores in Germany. 

So i can not explain whats the Reason that  those Devices got no Kitkat Update. Whats the Reason?

Still Motorola himself can´t give a officiall Statement that a Update will came in the Future. So i think its a Intel Side Reason, or anything else maybe?

On XDA Developers many users saying Intel won´t publish the Source Code.

A Statement from Intel if there´s a bit Hope for an Update on Medfield would be nice. Otherwise, if this procedure will lead to a view in the Future with Intel based Smartphones. I think Intel will fail so Hard in the Smartphone Market that they can give up with trying to are better then ARM.

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I have a Motorola Razr I (XT890) is a great phone but with no support from Intel and Motorola is doomed.

Possibly will be my first and last Intel mobile device, no official support and no source code published will kill it.

My Razr I display failed from use outside in winter weather, while still under my purchased extended warranty.  In which part of China was it designed?  The warranty credit was originally promised within 15 days of return receipt but I've been waiting another 2 weeks already.  In spite of being a former Intel employee, the failure of vendors to stand behind the products would be enough to discourage me.

Excessive current consumption and no native compiled applications cancelled out any advantage of Intel CPU.  I'm dismayed that so much was invested in this project without apparent intention to carry it through.

Sorry, but i must laugh a bit when i read about your 4 week Odysee in waiting for your Device.

I buyed a Samsung Innov8 Symbian Device a few Years ago. And like almost every Samsung Slider after a few months, the Flat Cable from Mainboard to the Display cracks and the Display was going to Black.

After i give the 5 month old Device in Repair i was waiting 6 month long before i got it back.

Then i have Restored my Phonebook and the whole Device hangs up and Bricked. After that the Device was on the Road again for more 3 month till it came Back. The Reason was that no Spareparts was deliverable.  This was my first and last Samsung Device i have buyed

In a short Story my Samsung Innov8 was 10 month on the Road to got repaired and in this Time i used a Nokia 3310.

(Still the Best Device on the World i think, undestroyable and you can hammer Nails in Steelbeton with it, if you will ;D )

What i will tell you that bad Customer Service is a thing of many other Manufactures too. And i think your repair time is almost normal.

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I can only strongly support the point of my pre-posters (even thou I am not sure if someone will read it from Intel).

If you are an Intel Moderator of this forum, please forward this to the relevant people.

It is a SHAME that there are no custom Roms for Android devices powered with an Intel CPU!!!!

While other people can run Cyanogenmod on their ARM devices, users of Intel Android phones can just wait for updates of their manufacturers.

Since the release of the Razr i there were always people trying to develop custom roms. Apparently the sources supplied by Motorola and Intel were kind of bad or incomplete, so that no developer succeeded.

Right now there is a gifted developer on (Hazou):

But sound and WIFI is not working as the sources for the phone seem to be incomplete.

This is a quote from the linked threat: "

Those are (maybe) all the source files Motorola changed to get it working on our device. The things I am interested in are: Device/moto/intel_mfld


So, Intel people, I ask you, PLEASE supply the right source code for the modding community. I suggest you contact the developers from directly and ask them what they need.




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