64 bit userland compilation?

64 bit userland compilation?

Hi. We're wondering if it is possible to compile libs and apps for the 64 bit x86_64 architecture. We're currently using Beacon Mountain on Windows as our development environment and NDK.  We have Android 4.2 but could probably update to 4.4 if necessary.

We are also using IPP for Android since we're trying to accelerate some critical processing.


Aharon Robbins

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Hi Aharon,

Without a 64 bit version of Android and the NDK this will not work. 



As Alex mentioned, you'd need 64-bit capable hardware (and a 64-bit enabled version of Android) to make 64-bit Android apps. The next generation Intel Atom processor, codenamed Bay Trail, is 64-bit capable, and will be launching later this year:

Intel's Bay Trail CPU will usher Android into the 64-bit era

Stay tuned to the Android Zone here on IDZ for news about 64-bit apps on Android - we'll definitely be posting lots of updates as the hardware and software become available, along with everything you'll need to know about making 64-bit apps. :-)

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