Trouble connecting Atom device via USB

Trouble connecting Atom device via USB


I'm using Beacon Mountain for Windows on Windows 7 SP 1. I installed the Android USB driver for Windows version 1.1.5 which comes with it.  When I connect the cable Windows sees the connection and tries to install driver software but does not install the "Android" device and so I cannot push my app to the device to test it.  (Eclipse does not see the device.)

I have tried removing the device driver, reinstalling it, rebooting in between, just about every combination of hoops that one normally jumps through with this, and nothing is working.

For the work I'm doing I have to run on the Atom device I have; the emulator environment won't do.

Suggestions, pointers, directions, etc. will be most welcome.


Aharon Robbins

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if the device you are using is branded by a vendor, you may need to use a driver from this vendor if you want it to work directly.

You can still use the Intel driver by manually forcing its installation, just go to your device manager, update the "Android" device by manually selecting the driver from a list, and pick the Composite ADB one.

Hi, you will should going to the supplier page and driver download.

Thanks for the comment. The device I'm using is an internal Intel development system, not a product already in the market.  Fortunately, Xavier very kindly helped me out and I've got things workings.



I have faced such issues too and a fix which always works is edit the system variables and then reboot u are good to go

Thanks for the comments. I was able to get things going. -- Aharon

You need to download the driver because it can corrupt your files as what happened to my android.

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