Yoga App icon creation

Yoga App icon creation

Hi guys,

I have just started learning more about Intel XDK. I am loving it and Connie Brodie's lesson was brilliant. Unfortunately she is missing just one video on how to release that app on google play, how does one create an icon that’s linked to the whole app. So that when users download and install the app they get the icon automatically?

Thanks Connie your tutorials are the best and very good. Keep it up.

I am also failing to download Andrew's video on 'Deploying apps to google play video please send me a link thanks a lot.

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Hi, i don't know if it is of this theme, but you will should use phonegap, is a nice option.

Hi guys

I need your help on how to add an icon/logo for my app. Intel tutorials didnt show us how to do this. I am a bit stuck here guys, please help? I followed Connie's Yoga App but nowhere in the tutorial ever mentions how to create the logo/icon for your app so users can download it. Would appreciate your help, thanks

Please try the following video link:

Or on youtube:

In the build tab, when you click on Android:

  • Upload your app to the server if it prompts you to
  • Click on the tab (2) ASSETS
  • Here is where you upload your icons and graphics for the splash screen
  • Select browse under ‘Android Launch Icon’
  • And select and icon image to upload
  • You can use mandala-18609_150.jpg as the icon included in the images folder of the sample app.
  • You may need to resize the image for each app store's requirements.
  • To see the completed app go to New Project >> Work with a Demo >> Yoga Positions >> Use this Demo

For support, you might get a faster response on the forums:

or StackOverflow with tag ‘intel-xdk’.

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