problem with 4.4.2 image and HOST GPU setting

problem with 4.4.2 image and HOST GPU setting

This post just to notify a small problem with 4.4.2 (api19) x86 image and the HOST GPU setting.

The problem affects the whole emulator and not only apps. Basically when displaying something animated (or even when user swipes the home screen), suddenly the animation stops and the display seems stuck at frame when animation stopped. Animation does not continue any more and when it stops in the middle of a swipe animation, also swipe gesture does not work any more. You have to press menu button to unlock display (probably because display of something else is requested to the system). Also in-app small animation are affected, for example indeterminate progress bar in action bar makes a few round and stops.

If I disable HOST GPU, everything works fine. But it is strange because I have no problem at all with 4.2 (api17) image and HOST GPU enabled.

My machine is Win7 64bit with core i7 cpu, 6GB ram, integrated graphics. Tried with both HAXM 1.0.6 and 1.0.8.

In can make screenshots of the stuck display if someway useful.

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Thanks for reporting this, Bradipao. We have submitted some OpenGL fixes to Google for inclusion in a future revision of that image, which might address this problem. Our changes have been merged, but I don't have an estimate as to when the new image will be released by Google. Keep an eye on the SDK Manager, and I'll try to remember to post here when the new image is available. It would be great if you could try when it comes out, and let us know if you're still seeing this issue. Thanks! :-)

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