ARM Binary Translation On The Intel x86 Platform - Still Supported?

ARM Binary Translation On The Intel x86 Platform - Still Supported?

I haven't had much luck digging up information on the ARM binary translation that Intel provided in earlier versions of Android on x86.

What is/was the last version of Android on x86 from Intel to support ARM binary translation?

Is the capability for ARM binary translation a part of any of the precompiled Android x86 Emulator System Images provided by Intel for development purposes? If not, can it be compiled from the provided source files for the Android x86 Emulator System Images?

My organization is interested in developing x86 hardware that runs Android, but ARM binary translation is necessary in order to support a few essential applications we must be able to run but whom the companies have only compiled with support for ARM processors (much to our frustration).

Any insight is appreciated.

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Hi Mike,

do you refer with "Android on x86" to or to another project?

On which hardware platform are you developing? What is the kind of development you want to do? Rather system development, customize Android or more application development?

A good development platform for tablets would be: because we providing instructions how to flash it and rebuild the system. Development tools from Intel like VTune Amplifier are tested on this platform. Binary translation 

Another nice development platform for embedded would be the MonnowBoard Max: . There are Open Source builds also on


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