Android x64?!

Android x64?!

I did not know where to post this question! I heard about Intel developing or optimizing Android 4.4.2 for x64. Is there any way that I could download the Intel Version of Android 4.4.2? Or would it be possible to get the code for it? I have been interested in Android x64 for quite some time! Thanks!!

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This is developed as open source at . You can find the releases here and instructions how to get the code here

From the FAQ:
Android* as released from Google*, runs on a Linux* kernel. The kernel used by Android on Intel Architecture is a 64-bit kernel Until Google releases the 64-bit version of Android, Android on Intel Architecture will run 32-bit Android on a 64-bit Linux kernel.

Hope this helps you!

Instead of installing it on the hard drive, would it be possible to run it directly from a flash drive? Also, if I have AMD instead of Intel (AMD x64)...Could I still use it on the device or must the device have Intel in it?

In general the forums from are a better place for this kind of questions:

I doubt that it will run on an AMD mainly because of the different graphics drivers required but also other drivers will be missing. But you should definitely check that on


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