video screen capture app

video screen capture app

Hi, I want to develop an app that will be recording movements on screens on android devices but I do not know how to do it, can someone give me start ups?

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You can try to explore some ways to read the Android framebuffer to record what is happening on the screen, there are plenty of resources on the web on how to do this.
Just keep in mind that to have permission to access the framebuffer your users probably will need to root their devices, what currently is not one of the best practices for Android.
If you just need to record a simple video you can use adb shell screenrecord that is available beginning with KK.
Good luck.

Thanks Edu, I will have to abort that project if it requires rooting.
maybe I should get another idea.

You can use Intel Media Pack for Android to capture OpenGL surfaces to video, detailed tutorial is here:

To learn how to capture video from libgdx or Unity based games you can use additional tutorials:

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