Intel MDK Release Request

Intel MDK Release Request


Alexander Weggerle (Intel) wrote:

Dear Alex , 

I am writing Intel and you, on behalf of the 2013 Dell Venue 7 / 8 CLVP community and per the advise and recommendations of Dell's Technical Support Department, that Intel has the sole discretion on the release of the MDK for devices. 

On behalf of 2013 Venue 7 owners in particular me and other early adopters to the Android on Intel Platform formally request that Intel work with Dell on releasing the MDK for the 2013 Dell Venue 7 P706T_NoModem / Thunderbird device line.  

While i understand that when I and other early adopters made our decision on purchasing an Intel powered tablet the "Dell Venue 8 Developers Edition" wasn't released or even rumored most of us wouldn't of made the decision to purchase the Venue 7 over the Venue 8 had that information been available to us.

Because of this we hope that Intel will take this into full consideration the users that were early adopters and release the MDK for the Dell Venue 7 as they did for the Dell Venue 8.

It is unfair to us early adopters of the Android on Intel Platform to be forced to purchase an new device (with in a few short months of already purchasing an Intel Android Device) to use the MDK when the device can simply be converted. 

While i understand Alex these decisions are not yours to make I hope that you will forward this along to the people that can make this decision and hopefully look forward to using my 2013 Dell Venue 7 with the MDK.

thank you,

The Dell Venue 7 / 8 CLVP Community 

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so they now have MDK support for the 

ClovertrailPlus Venue 8 3830, Merrifield Venue 8 3840, and Merrifield Venue 7 3740. . . . It be real nice to see Intel and Dell extend this to the ClovertrailPlus Venue 7 3730 as well.


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