Is HAXM running

Is HAXM running

I am running the Android Emulator on Windows using an x86 kernel. I see  a message from the emulator that says "CPU Acceleration status: HAX (version 3) is installed and usable". An "sc query intelhaxm" shows haxm running. My question is: is it really running in the emulator? On a previous version it said haxm was working or running, not just installed and usable.





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You can verify that by stop HAXM, if it lead the emulator can not launch, or take longer time to launch, then this would turns out it used HAXM. By stop/start HAXM, use command 'sc stop/start intelhaxm'.

Thanks Jun,

I found that when it is running properly you see the following message:

HAXM is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode



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