How can I attach URL to my project ?

How can I attach URL to my project ?

I do not know how to attach URL to a page in my project >> Please help , what are the steps should I follow ?


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Hi Mohamed S. , What is your server? and do you have any domain?




Hi JudLup Luna ,

At the moment I do not have a live domain .!

The main reason for creating this topic is because I couldn't make RSS reader from the Web services panel .

The body response always comes out with mistake when I add the URL for any sites as shown in the image up  . !

Exception  only one site always gives the right response, which is :  ( See attached image down ) 

Where is the mistake and why it works only with ?!

My Regards .

Hi Mohamed S , Your server is running on Apache? What language did you use?


Hi JudLuo Luna ,

What do you mean language using ?

If you mean that ,  How I work with the software , so I am  writing  and using English  letters .!

Hi Mohamed S, not, I mean the programing language, is. ( PHP, Javascript, etc)


Hi JudLup Luna,
Actually I am using standrd HTML.

Hi Mohamed, and your backend ?


Hi JudLup Luna

I am sorry  : could you please explain , what do you mean by backend ?

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