HAXM installation cause BSOD

HAXM installation cause BSOD

Hi there,

I really dont know where to ask for help but im stuck , as im second year student in IT , I decided to do few android apps, however when I install android studio , and try to emulate a code , it ask me to instal HAXM in order to emulate it , when I click install my PC either freeze or gives me BSOD. Im using Windows 10 education x64 , my procesor is i7 6700 HQ - 2.6 ghz, my notebook name is  Acer aspire VN7-792G , after some googleing i found that maybe the problem is that my virtualization setting in BIOS is set to disable , I checked that with Piriform Speccy where it says Virtualization --- Supported , Disabled. However there is one big problem as this is a notebook ... I suppose ACER decided to lock my BIOS , so I cant enable the virtualization technology . I google if I can unlock my isydeh20 ver5.0 bios but there isnt a solid information about this.

So my question is is there anything I can do ? Or basicly I should call Acer and tell them that I will sue them if they dont unlock my bios. 

Any advice will be good.


Thanks in advance!


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There is a thread here that might help with the issue you're having: https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/android-applications-on-intel-ar...

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