Can I use the app framework without the XDK?

Can I use the app framework without the XDK?

I like the concept of the xdk but I am concerned about being locked in to an older version of phonegap, currently 2.9, while the latest is already 3.3.  If I want to benefit from bugfixes etc in a newer version of phonegap, can I use the xdk to start development and then take the project files including the app framework and build the phonegap projects for ios, android, etc. manually?

I also don't mind taking the app framework files and just working in an another IDE like netbeans right away, if that's possible, but I would rather leverage the xdk first.


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I figured this out. Yes you can use the AF and AFUI without the XDK. Actually discussing why the XDK is not leveraging all of the AF features and plugging in a jquery sidebar instead.

As you determined, App Framework can be used independently of the XDK.

App Designer, supports the use App Framework, and exposes all of the App Framework widgets, using jQuery for a few App Designer specific widgets. They are working on minimizing the need for jQuery, but App Framework can be used with either jQuery or the the App Framework selector library.

The XDK attempts to be framework agnostic where ever it makes sense. We are purposely trying to avoid forcing a particular framework down your throat. There just are too many ways to write apps and too many solutions waiting to be addressed that would merit us trying to know what is "best" for you to use. Along with this freedom comes more effort on your part, but we believe this approach is worth it in the long run.

Hi Paul,

So if Intel App Framework can be use independently without Intel XDK, that's mean can use like jQuery Mobile which is just create a HTML page and use HTML 5 markup language to structure the page? It's the syntax is using HTML5? or Javascript like Sencha Touch?

And I'm just posted a topic of "Intel XDK vs Intel App Framework", hope someone can answer my question.


Any can help?

I have no receive any reply after posted a question since last Tuesday.

Hope that this support forum can be fast response for the question that asked.


Wayne Chong

Yes, you can use whichever HTML5 UI framework you prefer.

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