Icons that come with Framework

Icons that come with Framework

Why are the most important and used and common icons for mobile and tablet NOT provided in the standard icon font css that comes with App Framework? Here I assume are the stock provided icons provided via Icomoon.io:


Now why are things like:


not in there or any version of it, yet included icons like: TV were...?

Just about every header in every app these days, uses the MENU icon -- it is almost a standard ;-)

Once I add all the icons needed for a mobile app right out of the gate (not TV icons), I will share em out on Github...

Unless someone has done this already?





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If anyone is interested, another user has already adapted FontAwesom's vector icons


Details located in this post on the XDK/AF previous forums, anyone can follow what he did and easily keep it updated over time.


Just as a general comment on this topic (of missing icons). I personally like using icomoon and rolling my own icon font (https://icomoon.io/). The tools lets you point-and-click your way to a custom font that can pull in glyphs from multiple fonts and it was also nice because you can add your own custom SVG glyphs (for things like branding elements). There is a premium version, but I have found the free version works fine for my limited needs.

See this blog post on how to create a custom set of icons for your app:


Regards, Serge

Just an update on the recommended solution for adding custom icons and fonts from IcoMoon.

You can no longer use the free plan to accomplish the steps described by Serge v. because of a couple of reasons:

  • can't embed the fonts in the css
  • can't use with SSL

Worse yet, the premium plans are annual plans, so you will have to renew every 365 days.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to include the entire Font Awesome icon set by including the CSS and fonts in your project without using IcoMoon.

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