Android Build Failed

Android Build Failed

I created a new topic because I actually researched within the forums about getting the Upload failed when trying to upgrade an APK because of a different fingerprint.  The forum says to email html5tools at intel dot com.  I have sent email 3 times and haven't gotten a response in 4 days.  Could someone please help get the fingerprint issue resolved, or tell what my steps are to get it cleared up?  It is somewhat of a time frame issue and would love to get this resolved as soon as possible.  Thanks,

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your patience. 

These links might help to check.

Let us know if this doesn't fix the issue!

Thanks for the response back, 

I am using the Intel XDK to create the app and I am not sure how to gain access to the keystore.  I built the app the same way that have been previously and getting the fail.  After searching for existing problem, I see where other's have requested to just email the support address and they would log into the account and correct the issue on their end.  Not sure if this helps, but I really would like to get this resolved if possible.  Thanks,



Is there another email or phone number I can use to support?  I would really like this issued resolved for me if possible.  Thanks,


The account settings have been changed. I have forwarded your request . They will be contacting you soon.



I am facing build failed issue. Provide reason, see image attached and log file also.



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See the error text file you provided:

:processReleaseResources.../PQ/platforms/android/build/intermediates/assets/release/www/images/stock-vector-green-button-whatsapp-whatsapp-vector-like-icon-jpg-whatsapp-icon-jpeg-whatsapp-icon-eps-whatsapp-356803817.jpg: error: Invalid filename.

There's an image file in your project, or in a plugin, I can't tell precisely where it is coming from, that is causing a problem. Fix that and you should be able to build.

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