Windows phone problem..

Windows phone problem..

After a build for all platform all go ok for iphone and android ..but in windows phone app crash after splash screen...

Notes To Developer

The app terminates unexpectedly after displaying the splash screen.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Launch the app.
2. Notice that it terminates unexpectedly after displaying the splash screen.

Tip: A Windows app may run flawlessly during development and testing, but after submitting it for certification testing, the app may crash or perform unexpectedly. Along these same lines, your app may not perform as expected after publication. This resource,, explains the most common reasons for this along with remedies.


Any idea??? Help!

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Danielle -- you must test on a real device before submitting to the store. The Emulate tab is not sufficient to test an app before publication.

You probably need to read this sticky post >

Paul i try to install a package direcly in window phone but i can't install ..there is a way? To run directly in device?

and in intel xdk there isn't a debug section for windows phone why?


Unfortunately, Microsoft has not provided a way to perform remote debugging of the Windows Phone webview, like we can do with an Android and iOS device. It can be done using Visual Studio, but then you also have to install Cordova CLI and build a CLI project, so that's what I would do only as a last resort.

Did you add the JS file as recommended by the post I gave you? That fixes most problems people have.

Another thing you can do is open your app in IE10 or IE11, that will sometimes reveal HTML5 API differences that can cause an app to fail.

Last, try using weinre, see this webinar video for some help > < which is located on this page > <


Daniele A. wrote:

Paul i try to install a package direcly in window phone but i can't install ..there is a way? To run directly in device?

and in intel xdk there isn't a debug section for windows phone why?


As Paul has suggested you can use Visual Studio another great IDE. However you may need to add extensions. Here are some details:​

Actually I may give it a try.

ok after a long research... i use to debug wack ( windows app certification kit ) and found error here..

Windows App Certification Kit - Risultati dei test

Nome app:

Versione app:

Versione sistema operativo:
Microsoft Windows 10 Home (10.0.10586.0)

Versione kit:


Ora del report:
21/05/2016 05:37:07



Risorse dell'app

  • Errore rilevato: Il test di convalida delle risorse dell'app ha rilevato i seguenti errori:

    • Estensioni per tipo di applicazione "WindowsPhone" non trovate. Installare la SDK appropriata o specificare mrmExtensionDllPath quando si richiama il test.
    • Il test di convalida delle risorse di manifesto ha rilevato il seguente errore: hr = 0x80070002.
  • Impatto se non risolto: L'applicazione potrebbe non venire installata se le stringhe o le immagini dichiarate nel manifesto dell'app non sono corrette. Se l'applicazione viene installata con questi errori, il logo dell'app e altre immagini utilizzate dall'app potrebbero non venire visualizzate correttamente.
  • Come risolvere: Correggere il problema segnalato nel messaggio di errore. Per ulteriori informazioni, vedere il seguente collegamento:
    Convalida delle risorse AppX

Read the report.. error..seems in the manifest... someone have an idea? XD


Daniele -- Are you building for Windows or Windows Phone in your project? Are you trying to build for Windows 10 Universal? Can you provide a ZIP of your ENTIRE project and attach it to a post or provide it via a private message? To send me a private message, just "Send Author A Message" link directly above my post and provide a link to a download of your ENTIRE project in a ZIP file.

I'm including a translated copy of the error message you provided above. I'm not sure, but my impression is that you are missing some logos or icons in the built app:


app resources

This error was encountered: The validation test of resources the app has found the following errors:

Extensions by application "WindowsPhone" not found. Install the appropriate SDK, or specify mrmExtensionDllPath when you invoke the test.

The validation of the manifest resource has encountered the following error test: hr = 0x80070002.

Impact if not resolved: The application could not be installed if the strings or images declared in the app manifest are incorrect. If the application is installed with these errors, the app logo and other images used in the app may not display properly.

How to fix: Fix the problem reported in the error message. For more information, see the following link:

Validation of appx resources

Paul i send you pm message thanks...

Daniele -- you have no Windows icons or splash screens specified in your project, only Android. Based on the comment in the error message you posted, I suspect this is the source of the problem. I recommend you add the necessary icons and splash screens and try again.

ok i add.... Paul you think i'ts better i build for UAP or windows phone 8.1 ?

Right now, it makes more sense to build for Windows Phone 8.1, because Windows 10 Universal apps won't run on older devices, but older apps will run on the newer phones.

Ok i send you pm..


Daniele A. wrote:

xdk not support windows phone and i not know how to install directly to windows phone..

after screenshot the app close silently... but why???

Please see this sticky forum post > < and this article > < you can also submit a Windows Phone app in the store as a "beta" app and then download and install it directly from the store onto your phone. Search the Microsoft documentation for information on how to do that.


Daniele A. wrote:

Paul i see but..nothink and if i use visual studio community with windows phone? and try to import xdk project? i'ts possible?

You don't need to import anything, you just need to install Visual Studio on your system to get access to the tools required to copy the built app onto your phone. Yes, you can use the Visual Studio Community edition. Please follow the instructions in the article I pointed you to > <

​pardon me for jumping in.

I tried the current version of Intel XDK and built the Weather Underground Example at first as UAP for Windows 10. Compiling and packaging was fluid, Sideloading to W10 devices (Phone and Surface) without problems.

API Key from Weather Underground is inserted, but every time I start typing something in text field the app crashes. Question:

What is the preferred way to debug the app on the device?
OK, I could rebuild it on VS2015 in a special project with Cordova and use the remote capabilities, but really? Is there not an easier way to do this?

THX Joerg

Joerg -- Debugging Windows Cordova apps is not as easy as debugging Android Cordova apps. One way to debug them is to use weinre (see the video on this page > < and see this debug overview > < especially the table).

Another alternative is to create a local CLI project (using Cordova CLI and Visual Studio) and use the Visual Studio JavaScript debugger on the VS project that is created in the CLI project by Cordova.

You can also try to open the app in IE10, IE11 or Edge and debug everything but the Cordova-specific stuff in there, but it is a very useful way to debug Windows-specific runtime issues. IE10 is very close to the runtime you'll see in a WinPhone 8.0 and Windows 8.0 app, IE11 is very close to the runtime you'll see in a WinPhone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 app, and Edge is very close to what you'll see in a Windows 10 app. For the type of app you are describing, the browser approach should help quite a bit.

Thanks Paul!

Paul right now i porting the project create with intel xdk ..and adjust for visual studio+cordova seems work !!!!

I immediatly saw little difference in withlist and structure of windows phone 8.1 in index.html and use some new script.. there isn't in xdk

i continue my test do adjust and report...

Update ...

I solve all problem and finally have my app on windows store i do this ...

i add   <script type="application/javascript" src="js/xdk-win8x-compat.js"></script> same as your guideline

and i use anycpu distribuition .. before i use appstore :)

Ok thank you Paul !

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