Intel Xdk Build

Intel Xdk Build

In new version of intel xdk they removed legacy build option and now only showing cordova hybrid build option which not good because apk easily convertible to zip and it is showing complete source code in asset folder to protect from it ,i want to use cordova-plugin-crypt-file ( plugin in intel xdk to protect complete source code how can i use this or how can i get legacy build option back in intel xdk. only i want to encrypt code as in legacy build after zip it was not showing complete project in assets\www folder please  response me fast anybody have any link or suggestion or any other way to solve problem so please help me.

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We no longer support legacy builds. We did not obfuscate (or encrypt) the code in the legacy build. It might be that the location of your source code was different then. Now the Cordova requires specific directory structure, that means all your source code will be under www folder. You can use the plugin you mentioned to encrypt the html and js files. To use this plugin, add it as a third-party plugin through Plugins Manager on Projects tab.


I have installed the plugin in Plugins Manager on Projects tab. I even got the message Plugin successfully added. After adding the plugin i again built the apk file. Then renamed that apk file to zip to check, but the files were as it is, all code was visible.

In order to perform encryption on the files do i have to add any code in html files? Please help.

Amishi -- that plugin uses hooks scripts, which our build system does not currently support, they are removed by the build system for security purposes. We are working on a build system that would support this, but today that plugin will not work with our system.

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