certificate error on google play upload apk

certificate error on google play upload apk

Upload failed

You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Your existing APKs are signed with the certificate(s) with fingerprint(s):

[ SHA1:  ]

and the certificate(s) used to sign the APK you uploaded have fingerprint(s):

[ SHA1:  ]


Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 20001.

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Did you convert your legacy certificate and use that converted certificate to build your app? You must do that. See this FAQ > https://software.intel.com/en-us/xdk/faqs/general#convert-legacy-keystore < and this FAQ > https://software.intel.com/en-us/xdk/faqs/crosswalk#crosswalk-versioncode < and this short video (no sound) > https://software.intel.com/en-us/videos/upgrading-an-existing-intel-xdk-... < (also read the text below the video).

Yes i did convert my certificate and publish it when i had the error, but i should mention that i am using different xdk project than the one that was originally publish from but it has the same app id and name i am using construct 2 for creating the project. i have misplaced the original xdk project . 

Ahmad -- do you have more than one app in the store? Is it possible you're trying to update the wrong app?

yes i have more than one app in the store, but i am updating the right app i have sent the details of the APKs in PM. thanks.

Ahmad -- we checked the database and you have two accounts. This happened to some users when we changed the way our accounts and signin process was handled (most users did not encounter this problem, but a small percentage, like yours, did). One of my colleagues has copied the legacy certificate from that other account into your active account, so now you should see another legacy certificate available for conversion in your active account.

Please convert that legacy certificate and build with it. If this is the source of the problem it should fix the issue you are experiencing.

Thank you very much It worked, also thanks for fast responses. 

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