What do the data-uib and data-ver properties do?

What do the data-uib and data-ver properties do?

I'm using App Framework 3 and App Designer to prototype the UI for my app and looking at the resulting code in case I decide that I want to code the final UI directly in HTML/CSS.

I notice that App Designer adds these two data properties (data-uib and data-ver) to most of the UI elements and I'd like to understand what their function is.  Are the important properties for App Framework to function properly?  I did a search for those property names using Find in All Files and they only seem to appear in the index.html file on UI elements.  There are other similar data properties like data-sm that only seem to be required when you're using a service method.  Are these properties specific to App Framework?

In addition to this specific answer, what's the best way to look up in App Framework documentation to answer a question like this.  For example, to find a list of the classes and properties for different UI elements and what function they perform.



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Both data-uib and data-ver properties are used only by App Designer. They are not needed by App Framework, or anything else. They are not critical to the proper functioning of your app (but App Designer needs them to apply the correct widget properties when in the Design view)

The data-sm property is inserted by App Designer, and it may be used by data_support.js, along with others. The data-sm property is relevant to the proper functioning of your app.


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