Where is app.json?

Where is app.json?

In the Standard HTML5 Login App View template where is app.json file?

Where does the login information gets stored?

I tested the Login View app. It apparently took in the information in the Register page. However, when I started the app it did not recognize the login. However I changed the login to correspond to my Intel forum credentials the start page was displayed. Is the login information encrypted?

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Sorry, but it is unclear what you are asking and looking for. You might have to review the code to see what it is doing.


Thanks for the kind reply.

I am not sure where the registration/login information is stored? I thought perhaps it is in app.json.


This is the technical details page for Login View App.



Login View App
This template can be used for creating an app that requires login and registration before the app can be started, it shows option for login/register and takes you to login form view and register form view, this template can be used for creating applications similar to Facebook* app or Twitter* app.


This basic HTML5 mobile app template is created using [Intel App Framework](https://github.com/01org/appframework), which is a free and open source JavaScript framework targeted at HTML5 Mobile browsers with a blazingly fast query selector library and Mobile UI framework for creating app with native like UI and performance.


You can use Intel AppFramework to create __mobile web apps__ or create __hybrid apps__ using tools like [_Intel XDK_](http://xdk-software.intel.com/) or _Adobe Phonegap build_ to build native packaged apps.


App Framework has UI themes which look and feel similar to _iPhone_, _iPad_, _Android_, _Windows Phone_, _Blackberry 10_ and _Tizen_, the UI theme will be automatically applied by default when opened on these devices. Notice the screenshots below, the app code is same but the look and feel changes to match the device's native style.




Intel(R) XDK
This template is part of the Intel(R) XDK.
Download the Intel XDK at http://software.intel.com/en-us/html5.
To see the technical detail of the template, please visit the article page
at http://software.intel.com/en-us/html5/articles/templates-to-get-started-....


Application Files
* app.json
* index.html
* app_framework/

This is from Intel Documentation:


Best Reply

I understand now, sorry about that. The app.json file is used by the XDK to sort samples, it has nothing to do with the actual app. It shouldn't be listed as part of the app, it's strictly used to facilitate the process of recognizing and organizing the sample, which is pulled from a GitHub repo. You can see the sample here > https://github.com/gomobile/template-login-view < in our XDK github samples and templates library.

The entire app is in the index.html file, there's not much more to it than that (other than a few open-source JS libs). I did a quick look at the app and I don't think it saves the login information, it just shows the mechanics of performing a login, nothing more.

Thanks for the kind reply. It would be much more useful if samples are created where the app can take in and store login information. Even samples connecting to some kind of a database would be very helpful.



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