indexdb get by key

indexdb get by key

hi guys i try to retrive data using key and indexdb ... but with my code i show entire database not only record or colums of key... i study a lot but help  me to understand how retrive this value i attach a screenshot of db..! Regards

Here is code :

var dbRequest ='newdbmed', 1);
dbRequest.onsuccess = function(event) {
  // works exactly the same way.
  var db = this.result;
var db = dbRequest.result;
  var db =;
var transaction = db.transaction(['user'], 'readonly');
  var objectStore = transaction.objectStore('user');

  var myIndex = objectStore.index('nome'); 
  var getRequest = myIndex.get('bond');
  getRequest.onsuccess = function() {

  myIndex.openCursor().onsuccess = function(event) {
    var cursor =;
    if(cursor) {
      alert(cursor.value.nome + cursor.value.cognome + cursor.value.farmaco + cursor.value.dosaggio +;

      else {
      alert("Entries all displayed.");    


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