intel xdk error while install signed app onto your device

intel xdk error while install signed app onto your device

Need help becouse i connect my ipod to start debug test. that device was recognized from intel xdk and i put provision file and p12

then i saved file create from xdk in file.ipa ..but when i think xdk start trasfer of this file.. i read this error .. intel xdk error while install signed app onto your device

I try to install app preview into ipod but nothing dosen't work again.. help!!

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Did you create a "development" certificate and make sure the App ID is set to '*' in the matching mobile provisioning file? Also, you may have to remove the version of App Preview you downloaded from the store to get the Debug version to install.

Paul how i set app id to ? * i have problem to trasfer another app to ipod with itunes... i need to allow my computer from account?

In your Apple Developer account, when you configure the mobile provisioning file, you associate it with an App ID. For example, see the following two screenshots, one shows a "wildcard" (*) App ID configured in the Apple Dev account, and the other shows a mobile provisioning file associated with that wildcard App ID.



paul i follow your advice but i have the same issue... seems device don't accept app incoming...

Have you also included your iOS device in the list of devices on the "Certificates, Identifers & Profiles" page in your Apple Dev account? And make sure you've selected those devices to be part of your mobile provisioning file. Also, make sure you uninstall the store App Preview. I believe your device must be running iOS 7 or greater (or it may be iOS 8 or greater, I don't recall). If it is running iOS 6 it will not install.

Dear Paul the ipod have a ios 9.3 but seems refuse all app incoming.. from itunes or intel xdk... i think to reset the device but i lost all... any idea?

Sorry, the symptoms you're describing do not match anything I've experienced nor dealt with on the forum.

A couple of ideas:

  • Try to build an app with the same certificates you are using for the Debug tab, and confirm that you can install that app and run it on your device (email the app to an email account your device has access to and use the OTA link to install it).
  • Borrow another device to see if you get the same results -- remember to add that device to your list of authorized devices in your Apple Developer account. If you get the same results with a borrowed device I suspect there is something wrong with the certificates you are submitting to the Debug tab.

i would try with another iphone device but i haven't..for testing xd ! but thank you if i found one new device for test i inform you

thanks again for your kind support!

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