SPORT routines - strange behavior

SPORT routines - strange behavior

I an writing a program to drive a device using the SPORT_xx routines to
communicate via a serial port on the PC.
A very simple protocol, based on fixed length messages is used.
The program works fine for a while, than it stops with an error.
The write routine

RetInt=SPORT_WRITE_DATA(1, Message, nChar)

return value, RetInt=8.
The Error lookup of the MS Visual Studio says:
"Not enough storage is available to process this command."

Further examination revealed, independent what I try to do, it stops when
the 8880th time a SPORT_xx routine is called.
I tried to close the port an reopen it, but it did not work.
The program execution has to be terminated and restarted to make it working again.

Any idea? Is it some kind of buffering limit?

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I've seen some users report that there is a memory leak with the SPORT routines. I suggest you write to and describe your problem - the SPORT developer will respond.


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