Starting remote application from intranet

Starting remote application from intranet


Can anyone give me some rough guidelines on how a console application residing on a network server can be made available to users outside our companies building through the internet/intranet.

Questions are:

1. Do I need to turn the application into a DLL? or
2. Do I need to create a COM object for the application that can be accessed from the internet.
3. I found information about accessing COM objects and how to communicate with an application's COM objects from CVF, but not (yet) on how to create my own COM object (under CVF) that can be accessed by another application.

any help is welcome,


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You can really do any of these or even leave it as a console app. It all depends on how you or your web developer decides to design things (there's alot of considerations). Given that, in general (imo) a dll would be a good thing. If your web server platform is IIS/ASP, a COM object would be even better.

Creating COM objects with CVF is a feature new in CVF 6.5.


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