Double Precision

Double Precision

Hi all:
Is there any way to compile with global double precision, i.e., setting all constants,variables and intrinsics in double precision a la UNIX -r8 ?

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Yes. /real_size:64, though I think -r8 is also accepted. In DevStudio, its a setting under Fortran..Floating Point. Note that if you explicitly declare a variable REAL*4, it stays REAL*4. If you say just REAL, then it will get doubled.


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Steve: I added your compile option (it is not available as a DevStudio Fortran/Floating Point choice, and I can't find it anywhere in the documentation), ran a CFD code, and got slightly different results, so I take it that double precision "took". Much obliged by your timely help. Raul

From DevStudio go to Project Settings|Fortran|Fortran data. You can define a default real and integer kind there.

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