IDE Performance Problems Under Win2000

IDE Performance Problems Under Win2000

I recently got a new PC with Windows 2000 installed on it.
I installed my copy of DF 5 on it without problem but the performance of the development environment is terrible. Previously I was using Win98 for development and everything was fine.

It takes a second or two to edit code and, for debugging, it can take 10+ seconds to set a breakpoint.

I've tried both Microsoft (for the Visual Studio) and Compaq support knowledge bases without finding any solutions.

Help! Any ideas or suggestions?

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Here's a guess. The drive your Windows root is on is nearly full, limiting the pagefile, though I'd think a new PC would have lots of RAM and big disks. I think you're seeing "page thrashing" - is there lots of disk activity while you're doing these operations?

Right click on My Computer, select properties, Advanced, Performance Options. What does it say the total paging file size is? If it's 100MB or less, you need to allocate more space for the pagefile. How much RAM do you have?

I know of nothing in the VF product itself that would cause this problem.


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