context help within a dflogm library generated dialog box

context help within a dflogm library generated dialog box

I have created a dialog box using the dflogm library in a win32 application and want to include context help. This is a straight forward thing to do if the dialog box is created using create window. However, if the dialog box is created with the resource editor, then it is not clear how to launch the help window. Can anyone provide info on this?
Thank you, Bob

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Hi Bob,

DFLOGM is actually a wrapper around Win32 dialog handling. I use it too in my Win32 apps (when nothing special is required), since the programming is simpler and clearer. However, DFLOGM has somewhat limited functionality (and I also dislike the memory overhang it puts) so "adding some salt" into it is my favourite sport.

David Graham and I recently (in the old Forum and later via e-mail) had a correspondence regarding adding a callback for F1 key for DFLOGM-managed dialogs. It requires including DFLOGM.f90 into the project,
modification and recompilation. I think David has a working extended DFLOGM.f90 for CVF6+ (David have you?). I have the one for CVF5
(less functionality than DFLOGM for CVF6).

Also, I can send you our correspondence if you wish. (Sorry, I deem
improper to publish his e-mail right here). Feel free to write me at -- though I won't be available earlier than Sunday.

P.S. Steve -- would it be legally OK to publish the modified DFLOGM.f90
on my home page (under construction)? After all, the source code is available as sample for CVF users (and I think the module is unusable for other compilers' users). I do not intend to alter the copyright... but this is
really beginning to be a FAQ.

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