Upper right close box doesn't work

Upper right close box doesn't work

I can't get my Window to close when I click the upper right "X" close box. Is there something I need to check in order to make this functional?

Harry Bell

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Harry, please,

Which type of project? Which compiler? As you posted it, we
could only guess if you're unable to make the X button work in your Win32 application or you can't close browser on a Linux?

(Educated guess) A Win32 application (with standard message loop) should handle WM_DESTROY message in the frame window procedure
like this:

      CALL PostQuitMessage(wParam) 

I hope that's the answer,



I discovered how to close a window by clicking the the upper right box from a dialog window: One of the control IDs must be "IDCANCEL". If at least one of the controls in the dialog window is named exactly "IDCANCEL" then clicking the upper right box will invoke this control with a cancel signal. Obscure indeed.

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