fpp does not work anymore

fpp does not work anymore

I just upgraded to v6.5 and the following example does not preprocess as it did in v6.0, v6.1 and v6.1a. Has the syntax for fpp changed? Is this an introduced bug in v6.5 fpp?

1) fpp /m /C /P /Dpcnt -c foo.f foo.i

subroutine foo
#ifdef pcnt
call mesage ('A'//'B')
call mesage ('C'//'D')

Thanks in advance,

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Yes, it is. Write vf-support@compaq.com about it and we can provide a fix, or just restore the older version of fpp.exe for now. The problem occurs when you have a # line following a line containing //.


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Thanks Steve...

I got the v6.1a fpp.exe and it works great. I look forward to the fix/patch.


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