insufficient virtual memory

insufficient virtual memory

I like to allocate an array (complex*16) with 12000*12000 and get the run time error 41 insufficient virtual memory
The maximum virtual available memory is 4GB
A array 11000*11000 is allocating 2 GB only, so it seems there is enough memory

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Almost. As far as I know, 2GB is reserved for OS purposes, so
there's only 2GB for applications. Are you sure you really need
the full matrix, i.e. can't you use sparse matrix technique?


The maximum virtual memory for a process in Windows is theoretically 2GB, in practice, it is somewhat less, and you've exceeded that. If you need more, you'll have to move to a 64-bit OS such as Tru64 UNIX or Linux Alpha. (Or wait a few years for 64-bit Windows on Itanium.)


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