SETEXITQQ troubles

SETEXITQQ troubles


I am compiling a rather large code that uses QuickWin functions that open a new window to display messages during execution. The line that controls how the window is to behave after execution of the program is complete is:


This should, according to the manual: "Terminates the application without displaying a message box." However, when the program is run, after it is finished a message box appears and asks if you want to close the window, yes or no. This should only happen if the line of code looked like this:


This is a problem because my program cannot be run over and over via a batch file since the program doesn't actually finish unless someone is at the computer to say yes or no.

Is there a patch/fix/work around for this? Thanks to anyone who can help.

I've tried scripting programs, but they don't work when I lock the screen when I leave - which I have to do, this code takes a very long time to run.

Also, sending an 'n' or 'y' from the batch file doesn't work because as far as the OS is concerned the program is still running when the prompt window comes up.


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We know of no problems with SETEXITQQ. I can't tell from your description exactly what you are doing. If you would like us to look at it, please create a small example and send a ZIP file of the project to us at


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I have another example of a program where SETEXITQQ appears not to be
functioning. The program is MCNP4C, a monte carlo-based radiation transport
code written by Los Alamos National Laboratory. No matter what argument
is passed to SETEXITQQ, the program always ends with the "exit windows"
dialog box. I have verified that it's not a problem with my compiler installation
because the example program included in the SETEXITQQ documentation
compiles and runs correctly. I was going to include some of the MCNP4C
source code in this message, but this messaging system mangled it very
badly. If I can get an email address for you (or someone else at Compaq),
I can send you the key snippets of source code and provide you with
a contact at Los Alamos National Laboratory who may be able to provide
you with the whole source code (it's pretty large).

Alan Ford


The support address for Visual Fortran is Please use that. Best is to attach a ZIP file of your workspace to the message - be sure to include your version and serial number, plus a detailed description of the problem.


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