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I upgraded my compiler v5.0d to v6.5 . I have visual studio v6.0 with
with SP4 installed. I also took care of fixing DFORMT.LIB in accordance with Q1036. I found out that my code write(*,*) 'param' under v5.0D does correctly write to the console. However, v6.5 does not and . I have to change the code to write(6,*) 'param' . V6.5 considers write(*,*)'param' as having unit=0 and prompt to provide a file name. Is this correct ?
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No, that is not correct. The only change in this area is that as of version 6.0, a write to unit * is not considered the same as a write to unit 6. This only matters if you had explicitly opened unit 6 to a file, or used an environment variable to redirect unit 6. I don't know of any circumstance where a write to unit * would prompt for a file name! Please send a description of the problem and attach a ZIP file of your project to us at, and we'll be glad to take a look.


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