MS Powerstation

MS Powerstation

My Microsoft Fortran Powerstation CD is now collecting dust. Is this compiler now public or it is still intellectual property of Compaq? The reason I ask this question is I would like to give the compiler to some engineering students to do some calculations.


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Neither - it is still the intellectual property of Microsoft and is not in the public domain. To the best of my knowledge, Microsoft does not allow use of its compiler without a valid license from them. You would need to contact Microsoft in this matter, but users who have done so in the past have not received a response (or were told to contact Digital/Compaq - we have no rights to the PowerStation product and can't grant licenses for use.)

It is a common misconception that Microsoft "sold" PowerStation to Digital - aided by misinformed people at Microsoft itself. The facts are that Digital licensed the Developer Studio IDE for inclusion in our Visual Fortran product, and that we had Microsoft's cooperation in making our product compatible with theirs. But Microsoft retained sole ownership of and responsibility for their Fortran compiler products and did not transfer these to Digital/Compaq.


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Thank you very much for the information. I was not aware of the issues you described.

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