Incorrect compiler warning message

Incorrect compiler warning message

I'm working with vf6.5. Input to the program is read into several arrays, with many variables equivalenced to elements of the input arrays. Subsequent to reading the data, the compiler warns that for two variables "Variable is used before its value has been defined", even though each variable has been defined in an equivalence statement. Additionally, the statements flagged do not contain or reference the variable that the warning is issued for.
If I explicitly define each of the two variables equal to its input array element after the data have been read, the warning messages do not appear.
1. Will the program compile correctly with the presence of the warning messages?
2. Will the program compile correctly with the two variables explicitly defined?
3. Is there a fix for this apparent compiler error?
4. Am I missing something I should be aware of?

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Without an example, it's hard to say if there is an error or not. Please send a complete example that reproduces the problem to us at and we'll be glad to look at it.


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