Edit Box problems

Edit Box problems

I have a working QWin program which uses a modeless dialog to host a large number of controls. OK, I know that this isn't supposed to work, but it has been fine for almost a year now.

I just installed the new 6.5 compiler onto a test machine, moved my workspace and proceeded to build. The application compiles and links as expected, meaning that dependency resolution is still mediocre. The application starts up and displays the controls and initial screens of info just fine. Buttons and check boxes appear to function properly, but any activity with an edit box causes an immediate application crash.
This includes merely giving an edit box the focus and then clicking elsewhere, without even changing a value.

I've checked the documentation, and unless the default behavior of DlgGet and DlgSet have changed, I don't have a clue what could cause this problem.

Anyone seen this, have any insight into possible causes, or perhaps, have any suggestion for a workaround?

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