Debugger Watch Window Problem

Debugger Watch Window Problem

I am running a small test program that contains the following DO loop:

DO ld2 = 1,10
res(ld2) = 10.*ld2
print *, res(ld2)

The variable "res" was declared in a module and I have the USE statement in this routine so that it can be referenced. However,
if I put res(ld2) in the watch window, I get the following message:

res(ld2) EE2347 : Undefined variable ld2

If I declare "res" within the routine instead of in the module, then
the watch variable shows the actual value contained in res(ld2). How can I get the debugger to show me the value of the variable when it has been declared in a module?

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in the watch window, use this : module_name::res(ld2)

If you use IE, this link might bring up the reference in the documentation.


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