I am trying to create the Fortran DLL listed in the Visual Basic-Visual Fortran DLL Example project FCALL. I create a new project of type Win32 DLL. I add the code listed in the example and build the project with no errors or warnings. I enter the VB code and when I run it I receive an error 453 saying it cannot find the DLL entry point DLL_ROUT. I have used the dumpbin program with the /EXPORTS switch and all it gives me is a summary (indicating no exported routines?). Any ideas as to why the subroutine is not being exported? Second, should a . LIB file be created for the DLL?

Also, When I select the project type I get three choices; an empty project, a simple dll project, or a DLL that exports some symbols. For the Example which one should be used? The programmers guide is not very helpful.

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Without seeing what you tried, it's hard to say what is wrong. Try going through this example and see if you can get it to work. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely. The usual reason for no exports is a misspelled or missing DLLEXPORT directive. If you get this right, the .LIB will automatically be generated.

When using the project wizard, it's just offering some canned starting files for you to work from. You might look at the examples it creates to see how to do the basics.


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