Dialogs and calling API Get Open File function

Dialogs and calling API Get Open File function

Hi, I have tried to place a button in the Progress Sample Program to get the name of a file to open. I took the GETOPENFILE example from the Win32 samples and set it uas a subroutine called when the button is pushed. If I pass the hwnd as an argument to the subroutine, on pushing the button the application crashes reporting: " The exception unknown software exception (0xc000001e) occurred in the application at location 0x0012fcb4". If I do not pass the hwnd parameter, the GETOPEN FILE dialog opens and I can select a file. However the application crashes with the same report when I accept or cancel the GETOPENFILE dialog. How can one call the GETFILEOPEN dialog in this case?

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You sent this also to vf-support, and our dialog expert is looking at it. In the sample code you sent, you were passing an uninitialized hwndOwner field to GetOpenFileName, but there's more to it than this.. You should receive an answer soon.


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