Programming for dual processor

Programming for dual processor

Being slightly naive about the technicalities, I was surprised to find that my Fortran programs do not seem to take advantage of the fact that I have dual Pentium processors. The program gets 50% of the CPU, essentially all of one processor. (Assuming I am correctly interpreting the Task Manager information.)

I tried to find help on this topic, but with no luck.

Can someone give me insight into what I must do in order to use the full power of my machine? My code certainly has parallelizable aspects.

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I probably should have mentioned in my post that I am using VF5.0 within DevStudio97.

See the Visual Fortran FAQ - it has a topic on this.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

I had a difficult time searching through the FAQ for my answer. Steve, could you please be more specific by giving the FAQ number that you have in mind, or a URL? I am just not putting my finger on the info. Capabilities. Scroll down about nine questions to the one titled "Does VF have the capability of generating applications which can make use of multiprocessor systems running under Windows NT? ".

There is also the entire Creating Multithread Applications chapter of the Programmer's Guide in the documentation.


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