Compile Error

Compile Error

The problem I experienced is the following: I compile and run my fortran code (exactly the same code has no problems on the NT machine), and after some time (not every time), the code gets stuck. The code is supposed to show me how is is converging, and at some point (different points each time) it just stops doing computations and gets stuck. If I check the machine performance, the processors are not doing any computing work, while the fortran application
is supposed to be running (it appears in task manager), it is really not doing anything good. The command window showing my code running is there, but the code is not progressing and doing new iterations, so I just have to kill it and restart it again. I am sure that there is a conflict with some other software (possibly more than one), but I was not able to pinpoint which one. I suspect that the Netscape with Acrobat Reader might be possibility, even though it does not create problems every time it runs while my fortran code is running. I also upgrade the version from 6.1 to 6.5, but the problem persists.

1) Is it a problem with any sofware, such as Netscape, Acrobat Reader?
2) Is it a problem with Windows 2000 and Fortran?

Thanks in advance.

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Um..., how is this a compiler error? And, why are you sure that there is a conflict with other programs?

I have Fortran and the Acrobat Reader (and Netscape 4.72) installed on my Windows 2000 system, and there is no "conflict". I am unaware of what could cause the behavior you note - usually such "conflict" is caused by one product installing an older version of a shared DLL than is already present on the system.

While I'm glad that you are now at a state where your applications run normally, I don't think you're any closer to understanding what caused the problem. Especially if your application is linked statically, I can't imagine what shared DLLs would be involved. Perhaps something installed a background process that interfered with system operation - hard to say...


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