Loader error(?)

Loader error(?)

I have a four dimensional array of size [10000,10,10,10] in a program, which compiles and links. However, when executed a get an error "sbin/loader: Fatal Error: set_program_attributes failed to set heap start". The error disappears if you reduce the size of one dimension of the array.

I have looked in the man page for f90 and for loader but cannot find anything useful. The error is only apparent on the unix system - if I compile and link the same program using Digital Visual Fortran v6.0 under Windows 2000 the program works fine.

Any ideas?

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What a nice message, eh? It is trying to tell you that your datasize limit is too small. Use unlimit or limit datasize unlimited to raise the limit.

Later versions of Tru64 UNIX give a better message.


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