INCLUDE statements

INCLUDE statements

Hallo, I have the problem that the compiler compiles *.h-files,which I have listed in "External Dependencies".

C:CPCADGY3adgy.tarfhi96mdsrcfhi96mdcommon1.h(6) : Error: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type. [NKPTX]
complex*8 c0(ngwx,nx,nkptx)

The "Delete-menu" for the files under "External Dependencies" does not work but does work for "Source Files" and "Header Files"

Lasse Karagiannis

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I don't see any evidence that the compiler is compiling a .h file directly - indeed, it would be very difficult for that to happen because .h is not one of the file types Developer Studio thinks is a Fortran file.

My guess is that this error is occurring during compilation of a regular source file that includes common1.h You should be able to find the problem quickly.


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