read (str,*) iv vs. read (str,'(i5)') iv

read (str,*) iv vs. read (str,'(i5)') iv

Will A. below do the same as B. but better (because not restricted to 1-5 characters) ?

A. READ(cv,*) iv

B. where fw (passed variable) equals field width:
if (fw.eq.1) then
read(cv,'(i1)') iv
elseif (fw.eq.2) then
read(cv,'(i2)') iv
elseif (fw.eq.3) then
read(cv,'(i3)') iv
elseif (fw.eq.4) then
read(cv,'(i4)') iv
elseif (fw.eq.5) then
read(cv,'(i5)') iv


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Not quite - using * will allow input such as 2.45 or T and convert it to integer.

You don't need the complicated IF tests. Just use a format of '(BN,I5)')


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Thanks, Steve. BN works great.

Keith Richardson

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