problem in profiling

problem in profiling

I use Compaq Visual Fortran on Windows2000
with Microsoft Visuat C++ to make Fortran program .

I want to know how many times was Subroutine in Fotran program
called and how long time does Subroutine in Fotran program
spend .

So I used profile in VisualFortran.

But All Subroutine's counts and times are 0.

And Unknown Function was called and spent times.

Subroutine name is fpround
profile result is
0 0 0 _FPROUND@4 (interval.obj)

My projects option is below

/check:bounds /compile_only /debug:full /nologo
/traceback /warn:argument_checking /warn:nofileopt
/module:"Debug/" /object:"Debug/"

please help me .

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